Volume 1 | Issue 2

Jessica Watkins | Editor

New Administration ... New Priorities

You may or may not be familiar with SGA’s Constitution and Bylaws, but one of the requirements of College and Commission Senators is to complete monthly campus engagements, intended to connect members of the Senate with their constituents and make themselves readily available to the student body. Campus engagements can range from basic information table sessions to larger-scale discussion panels, interactive activities, and much more. The difficulty arose in that engagements can often be difficult to execute and reach a lot of students. Despite the continued history and in light of the presenting concerns of this duty, the new Administration wanted to encourage Senators to leave an impact on campus before the conclusion of their term this Spring.

This semester, all Senators have been tasked with developing a personal project relating to their college or constituency that will presented at the last meeting before their terms end. One of the main focuses is to steer away from traditional programming and create a project under one of the five categories of Legislative, Departmental, College/Commission Specific, Campus Wide, or the Kennesaw Community as whole. In the initial stages, senators will conduct research about the needs of their constituents and reach out to different department heads, establish their desired outcomes, and create a timeline for their project progression. Our senators have already begun the hard work and we can’t wait to share project updates during SGA Week taking place March 2nd-6th. The Senate looks forward to making Kennesaw the best it can be and hopes that much of the student body will come out to the last meeting for presentations!

Written by Emma Toor

"Speak Out About the Things That Matter" 

This past month, Kennesaw State’s Cultural and Community Centers hosted a series of events for the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week. According to the CCC’s website, the events focused on reminding students of Dr. King's work, sacrifice, and how his legacy lives on and is still relevant in the current climate. This year’s events revolved around the theme to: “Speak out about the things that matter.”


The weeklong celebration kicked off on Thursday, January 16th, with the Dr. King Legacy Luncheon where SGA’s President, Tariq Bradford, and Senator for American Minorities, Dasia Jones, hosted the event. KSU invited two keynote speakers, Dr. Adriane Randolph and Roderick McLean, to share their experiences in the pursuit of Dr. King’s dream. Dr. Randolph, is a professor at Kennesaw and the Executive Director of the Brain lab, a space dedicated, “to align computer technology with the human neurological system.” Second speaker, Mr. McLean, is the current Vice President and general manager for Air Mobility and Maritime Missions at Lockheed Martin’s Marietta location. 

On Monday, January 20th, KSU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations hosted the MLK Day of Service, inviting students to give back to their choice of six community projects. Service opportunities ranged from delivering food items to homes in the Metro Atlanta Area to assisting Kennesaw Mountain State Park. Students were provided an on-campus opportunity to make cards for the residents of Second Wind Dreams.

The week’s events continued with the Six Voices Reflection hosted on Tuesday, January 21st, which showcased six speakers and allowed for the panelists to share their own thoughts on the legacy of Dr. King. Speakers included: Dr. Kathy Schwiag, Dani Alexander, Drew Harvill, Mike Aniagboso, Dr. Regina Bradley, and SGA’s Director of Academic Affairs JJ Lopez. Later Tuesday evening students were invited to the Marietta Campus to watch Theodore Melfi’s 2016 film, Hidden Figures, which follows the pivotal story of three dynamic African American women who were integral  in the success of the United States’ participation in the space race.

Celebrations came to an end Thursday, January 23rd, with the “Living the Dream” Poetry Slam. Throughout the entirety of MLK Week both the Sturgis and Johnson Library hosted a display of various recommended readings and media such as: Barack Obama’s work Dreams of My Father and W.E.B DuBois’ novel Darkwater.

In an interview about the week’s events, Interim Director for KSU’s Cultural and Community Centers, Shameka Wells, spoke on the importance for Kennesaw State to, “… have this moment in order to reflect on Dr. King’s work. As in our busy lives, we often focus on our differences, but we must also see where we come together for the common purpose of doing good in the world.”   

Written by Thomas Cassidy

 Volume 1 | Issue 1

Jessica Watkins | Editor

Catching up with major University changes.

New Spaces ...

The past year has been a time of tremendous growth for Kennesaw States’ two campuses. As we move into 2020, it is important for us to reflect on the many areas which have evolved in our nest and to announce some new projects for the new year.

For the Kennesaw campus, 2019 saw the completion of many behind-the-scenes updates and the beginning of several prolific projects. One of the most noticeable projects has been an extensive renovation of the University's main entrance. This project began in the summer of 2019, broke ground in the fall of 2019 and is expected to be completed early this year. Secondly, the addition of a new monument onto the campus green began late in the fall semester and will also be finished in the early part of 2020.

Changes which may have been unnoticed by many would include the new wing for the English Building being finalized, extensive repairs made to the Science Building and the KSU Police Department's office, and both the Burruss Building and Sturgis Library receiving new roofing. In the coming year, the Kennesaw Campus will see the completion of several projects which will improve the overall student experience. Specifically, various renovations will be done to the baseball stadium, the Carmichael Student Center will have several upgrades to its included eateries, and ground will be broken on the development of the new Academic Learning Center in the early part of the year.

As for the Marietta campus, 2019 saw the development and updating of several facilities throughout the campus. This would include the renovation of The Market, upgrades to the campuses exterior LED lighting, the creation of new parking areas, and brand-new HVAC units placed in the Wilson Student Center and the Gym. In 2020, students can expect to see the final product of a new science lab and a renovation of the engineering lab building throughout the year. Additionally, Howell Hall could see its own set of renovations depending on a Board of Regents vote in early 2020.

Change is afoot in the Owls Nest and we can’t wait to see the completion of these amazing projects.   

Written by Thomas Cassidy


_____________________________Find your wings__________________________

... And New Faces

The beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year officially marked Kennesaw States’ pursuit to a re-branding project in order to keep up with the growth of the University. According to KSU’s branding page, the initiative aims to set KSU apart from other University System of Georgia schools and show what makes us unique. The University’s efforts began with the adoption of the Kennesaw Athletic department logo and a new campaign slogan, shifting away from the two mountain peaks to instill uniformity, buy-in, and better brand recognition across the country. In addition to this, Kennesaw launched the “Find Your Wings” campaign that demonstrated how Kennesaw is a home for all students with all passions. The phrase aims to encompass everything that a KSU Owl is and strives for, recognizing that every student has their own unique story and path they are taking to grow as individuals.

The University showed their commitment to the new face and attitude of KSU with the release of the KSU Brand Guidebook that highlights KSU’s values, experiences, and integral constituents that provide the basic outlines to the re-branding. According to the Brand Guidebook, the “Find Your Wings” campaign is about students finding their “fit, their inspiration, their community and much more.” However, the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing stresses that the brand is so much more than a logo and slogan, it’s a new campus culture.

In addition to the rebranding, KSU has welcomed many new faculty members over the past academic year. Some of these include, but are not limited to, Kathy Schwaig, the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Shawn Long, the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Tim Blumentritt, the Dean for the College of Professional Education; Don McGarey, the interim Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics; Ian Ferguson, the Dean for the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology; and Ivan Pulinkala – the Dean of the College of the Arts.

One of the most notable changes was the departure of Dr. Michael Sanseviro, the Dean of Student Affairs. Dr. Sanseviro has been with KSU for sixteen years. Dr. Sanseviro first joined in 2004 as the first Director of Residence Life and previously held the positions of the Student Government Association’s advisor and Director of Student Life. Effective December 2nd, Dr. Sanseviro left to pursue a new role as the Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Dean of Students at Georgia State University. Another notable change is KSU’s new Vice President of Student Affairs, Eric Arneson, effective February 10th, 2020.

Going into the new year, KSU welcomes our new faculty members and continues to progress with its rebranding efforts to foster a positive environment that promotes growth and success in its students.                                   

          Written by Emma Toor