The Executive Board


    • Vice President Masood Abdul Salaam

      Masood Abdul Salaam

      Vice President
      Major: Computer Science


        • Treasurer Stephen Harr

          Stephen Harr

          Major: Business Management

          What I Do: "As the Student Government Association Treasurer, I am responsible for reviewing, approving and tracking the financial needs for the entire body. I also serve as co-chair to the Student Activities Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) which reviews funding requests for all RSO's at Kennesaw State University." 

          The Board of Directors

          • Director Erin Delaney

            Erin Delaney

            Director of Academic Affairs
            Major: Nursing

            What I Do: "It is my job role to help advocate and bring change for students through advising as well as other issues within Academic Advising. I meet with administrators such as the Director of Academic Advising and serve on different committees that meet to discuss changes within campus policies and curriculum."




              • Director Matthew Weese

                Matthew Weese

                Director of External Affairs
                Major: Political Science

                What I Do: "I am KSU students' political activist and lobbyist! I follow and update students on relevant local, state, and federal legislation in addition to important changes in KSU policy and campus safety. I attend and provide updates on local government meetings and how their happenings will affect KSU students and higher education".
                • Director Keller

                  Carly Keller

                  Director of Internal Affairs
                  Major: Professional Sales



                    Senate Leads

                    • Senate Lead Dykes

                      Macy Dykes

                      Senate Lead of the Kennesaw Campus
                      Major: Journalism & Emerging Media

                      What I Do: "My job within SGA is to support our senators. I work to help them be the best they can be in serving their constituencies by meeting with every Kennesaw senator one-on-one once a month, collecting monthly officer reports, and providing any tools and resources they need to succeed. I am constantly trying to find ways to help all the senators for the Kennesaw campus have a great experience in SGA and do their best work for the people they represent."

                      • Marietta Senate Lead Soham Bapat

                        Soham Bapat

                        Senate Lead of the Marietta Campus
                        Major: Computer Science

                        What I Do: "I lead the Senators of the Marietta campus by making sure that they understand their duties and responsibilites, and also guide them through the problems that they are facing on the job. I also meet with each Senator monthly to make sure that all parts of their job are being done both accurately and with high-quality."

                        College Senators

                        Commission Chairs