Judicial Branch

Supreme Court Mission Statement 

The Judicial Branch of the Kennesaw State University Student Government Association, is hereby
established with the purpose to better uphold the integrity and stability of our institutions.
Thereby, The Judicial Branch, entitled as The Supreme Court, strives to coexist with the
Legislative and Executive branches of the Student Government Association so as to hold the
entirety of this organization to a higher standard. It is expected, by passing down judicial
precedent, to erase errors made in our history and to ensure the equity of our posterity. The
Supreme Court, having been entrusted with the power and responsibility of original jurisdiction
concerning questions of constitutionality, appeals of membership infractions, and appeals of
election violations, sets forth to ensure a fair and just due-process for all members of the
Kennesaw State University Student Government Association.

Meet the Supreme Court Chief Justice

  • Parkersga

    Chief Justice Parker Thompson

    Parker Thompson is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. He plans to pursue his Juris Doctorate in Law School after graduation. He is the first student to serve in all three branches of Kennesaw's SGA. Parker hopes to institute solid infrastructure and foundations so that the Judicial branch lasts long after he graduates.

    Email: pthomp53@students.kennesaw.edu or judicialbranch.sga@kennesaw.edu 

    Meet the Associate Justices

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